Elena Zamfirescu


This is a glimpse of the work I have gathered over the past three years


A comemorative piece made in Cinema 4D for the game “Mountain Valley”

A little bit of play in processing; I wrote a sentence and made it spin.

I’ve also created a series of pictures meant to be shared online with the purpose to make someone’s day better.

This is one of the images; an axolotl saying that it can help someone regrow their self-esteem the way an axolotl is regrowing its body parts

This is the illustrator image I’ve made for a poster that should’ve been used in a campaign about people being who they are without pretending.

This was actually a happy mistake where I turned the file into a png accidentally; I liked the outcome and decided to keep it.

I wanted to make a poster for Absolut that has in prim-plan Brazil. 

This is also a piece made in illustrator; I was trying to illustrate the depth of a song of my favourite band.

I was playing in photoshop with some butterflies and an image that a friend sent to me. I added some sparkles, some mists and more sparkles until I’ve reached
this outcome.

Another image made in photoshop; with a friend again; she did the top part and the colour palete while I’ve added the angels and the sparkles.

In this one I tried to make a “screenshot” from an otome game; I’ve created a character and placed choices beside.

I wanted to break an image of a drawing I’ve made; the colours have faded, but bits like the eyes and the neck are
still noticeable.